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What do the statuses mean?

Open-The request has been entered into the system but has not been reviewed. Please allow 2 business days from the date of submission for processing.

In Process-The request has been downloaded to MyTitleSupport and is actively being processed.

Suspended-MyTitleSupport cannot complete the transaction pending receipt of additional information from the Lender.

Completed-The request has been fulfilled.

    Duplicate Title requests are deemed complete when the request is sent to the applicable DMV. The DMV will mail the duplicate title directly to the Requestor.

    The completion date for secondary lien satisfaction requests is the date the request was completed and shipped back to the Requestor.

Voided-The request has been voided and funds credited back to the Requestor's original credit card.

Rejected-Additional information is required before we can fulfill your Request or the Lender has notified us that the transaction cannot be completed. The Requestor should contact MyTitleSupport for details if additional information is required.

Lender Response-The lender has responded with additional information and is ready for MyTitleSupport review and validation.

Ready to Fulfill-MyTitleSupport has determined that validation is completed and the request is being fulfilled.

Pending Title Maintenance-The title has been requested from your current state DMV and your request will be completed upon receipt.

Closed-The request has been in rejected status pending additional information from the customer greater than 60 days, or a refund has been provided and the request will not be fulfilled.